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Computer products and technological solutions

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Focused on the global technological world

Wholesale distribution of computer products

Import and export of technology

Import and export of technology

Advice on technological solutions


Brands we work with

Gugu Technology Import

We are a young company in constant growth whose current objective is to focus on new strategic alliances in America.

Strengthening in this way new business between Europe and America in general.

Our main business activities are the distribution of parts and components for computers: including processors, memories, motherboards, graphics boards, printers, monitors, storage systems and other peripheral devices. As well as advice and implementation of digital IT solutions at a physical and online level.

We offer a wide range of products, always seeking an excellent price/quality ratio.

We have personalized attention from our team of outstanding professionals.

The solutions that we commercialize occupy a leadership position worldwide, which, added to our experience, ensures the optimization of our clients' business.

We have tools with the ability to understand the problems of each client, offer the appropriate solution and with a firm commitment to ensure the success of each project.

We design customized solutions optimizing your processes and reducing costs.

Contact our experts, we are here to guide you!

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